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Hi I'm Emma, a professional scientist with a diploma in Cosmetic Science who is passionate about natural skin and hair care. I hope to win your trust and commitment in providing you with the best natural skincare you have ever tried (with an African Twist!)

I spent some of my childhood years (ages 6-11) in West Africa, and spent most of my spare time outdoors in our large garden or compound as we called it; chasing chickens and goats amongst wild hibiscus flowers, birds of paradise plants spikes of aloe vera and swaying coconut and palm trees. When I wasn't doing that I was scrambling up mango; guava or papaya trees to pluck a tasty snack or accompanying my mum or aunties to the colourful markets with their delicious looking arrays of kola nuts, plantains, yams, coconuts and other foodstuffs we would use to cook fresh healthy meals. These memories provide the inspiration and ingredients (apart from the chickens and goats off course!) for my natural skin care company ' THE AFRICAN GARDEN'.

Browse our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

Our Inspiration

Dear lover and friend,

you’re a secret garden,

   a private and pure fountain.

Body and soul, you are paradise,

   a whole orchard of succulent fruits—

Ripe apricots and peaches,

   oranges and pears;

Nut trees and cinnamon,

   and all scented woods;

Mint and lavender,

   and all herbs aromatic;

A garden fountain, sparkling and splashing,

   fed by spring waters from the Lebanon mountains.

Wake up, North Wind,

   get moving, South Wind!

Breathe on my garden,

   fill the air with spice fragrance.

Song of Solomon 4:12-16