COCO SHEA LUXE BALM for all over body loveliness.

A delightful multitasking balm to calm, soothe, nourish and repair; resulting in smooth blemish-free skin. Contains 5 exotic butters and 3 nourishing oils, Vitamin E, & natural skin brighteners wrapped in a scrumptious scent. 


50ml £5.00; 120ml £8.00; 250ml in clip jar £18.00.


Pamper your skin with this decadent natural body lotion packed with nourishing organic safflower oil for glowing skin and organic shea, mango & cocoa butters for deep moisturising. Absorbs completely to hydrate while promoting radiance and blemish free skin that is seductively scented all day long. 

Perfect for NORMAL & DRY SKIN.

50 ml £7.00; 200 ml £10.00

ULTRA SOOTHING Natural Foot Balm *(Coming soon!)*

Softens & soothes dry, cracked heels and achy feet. Contains natural deodorisers & Murumuru butter which is highly emollient, moisturising & very protective. It also contains vitamins and has a high content of beneficial oils. Massage a pea-sized blob into feet as often as required. For best results use at night time and sleep with socks on; wake up to baby soft sweet feet!

100 ml £10.00; 200 ml £18.00 

Comforting Foot Soak & Scrub

Treat tired feet to a Do It Yourself home foot spa. Add 2 or 3 scoopfuls of the foot soak & scrub to a large bowl of hot water. Soak your feet in the basin of hot water for 10 minutes to soften the skin.

Massage another scoopful of the foot soak & scrub into your feet, ankles and calves for several minutes. Wipe clean, then massage in the our Murumuru foot balm while your skin is still damp. Enjoy smooth & well-deserved pampered smooth feet!


MANGOLICIOUS Lip Balm *(Coming soon!)*

If you suffer from chapped lips, try this moreish and addictive lip balm laden with moisturising goodies including argan & jojoba oils and organic mango & cocoa butter. Available in GOLDEN SUNRISE (gourmand vanilla, mango & coconut in a clear colour) & HIBISCUS KISS (delicious berries & citrus in a natural pink lip colour) flavours. 100% chemical free so feel free to lick as much as you like!